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A Mosaic Players Update

Updated: Feb 20

Hey, everyone - I (Rebecca) wanted to write to let you know about all of the changes happening within the company. On a personal note, I've been focusing on my new job, our family, scuba diving (for real, scuba diving), and trying to get to know the Antioch, IL community, so haven't been at all focused on theatre. I haven't been able to think about "what's next" for Mosaic Players and knew I needed to reach out to someone to take the artistic "wheel of the wagon." Fortunately, Allison Fradkin, who was recently seen in Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992, is the perfect choice to take over as Artistic Director. She's a playwright, has a huge love for theatre and communicating stories to audiences, and is an incredible actor. She's already got intriguing ideas for the theatre, has chosen a fantastic and hilarious "next show," and will be able to move our group forward into whatever is next. I'll be stepping into the Executive Director role in the meantime and am excited to help Mosaic Players behind the scenes. Renee Johnson and Jeanna Daebelliehn have joined our Board of Directors, alongside Daniel Melendez, Susan McCuistion, and Jennifer Drinka. That's it for now. Thank you for all the support you've given Mosaic Players and I can't wait to see the New Age Allison helps to create.

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