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Deck the Haunted Halls Day 16: Dark Christmas Part Two

The thrilling and chilling conclusion of Jeannette Winterson's Dark Christmas comes to you courtesy of Mosaic Players Founding Member Jaime Churchill. Click here for Part One.

Jaime is a founding member of Mosaic Players. By day she works in Human Resources, and has appeared on stage at Six Flags Great America and throughout southeastern Wisconsin and Chicagoland.

A sad tale’s best for winter ... I have one. Of sprites and goblins.”

Mamillius, Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale

During the month of December, please join the Mosaic Players by the light of our shared virtual screens as we enjoy ghostly tales. Our members will be recording songs, stories, readings, and more. As videos become available, we'll post them here, there, and everywhere. If you have a ghostly tale that you'd like to share, please contact Artistic Director, Rebecca Zellar ( 'Tis the season!

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