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Get to Know Our Board: Connie Wurster


My common name is Connie Wurster . However, you can also know me as Constance Marie Fritz Capone Enders Wurster (seems I unintentionally am collecting names as I journey).

I, as a member of Mosaic Players, am looking forward to working with a diverse group of talented artists from all walks of life. We will enjoy a safe work environment to collaborate on theatrical art pieces to present to various communities. Our hope is to promote diversity, acceptance, and equality. Exposing ourselves and others to different demographics, cultural experiences in story, costume, music, customs, and locations will help to bridge that gap between the us vs. them "tribal" mentality that has been ringing at the forefront of our society as of late.

My personal life and professional lives have been a MOSAIC as well. I have been a child care worker, florist, waitress, warehouse employee, office manager, quality control inspector, copy writer, photographer, videographer, fitness instructor, and I am probably forgetting SOMETHING! In the "art realm" I paint, photograph, create digital art, collage, and I am up for experimentation there. Theatrically I have worked backstage, acted, danced, song-styled, costumed, prop-mastered, stage-managed, puppeteered, and sat on boards of directors. Personally, I like FLOWERS, most foods, many genres of music, documentaries and light-hearted comedies. I devour any media on Bigfoot, UFOs, Ghosts, paranormal, metaphysical, and the like. I am an armchair psychologist and theologian.

I am now raising a teenage girl. I also have 2 grown sons, both married. I am enjoying being a grandmother to two wonderful children who are already leading this society to be more accepting of each other. ( PS. Your children will do the same if we don't ruin them.)

Often on these types of "interviews" people are asked, "What was the best time of your life?" or "What is your favorite food?" WELL, I like to think I have YET to experience those things. It leaves to door open and allows me to look forward to better and better in the future.

I hope you will join us, in some way, in our endeavors . We can have fun, create, explore and improve ourselves and the dynamics of our society all at the same time. What a wonderful world we are creating!

"Promise" - Original Artwork by Connie

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