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Auditions for On the Verge and June Membership Drive

Mosaic Players is going to start our 2021/2022 Membership Drive (more info coming soon) AND hold auditions during the merry month of June. We'd love to see you at both! Please contact Rebecca Zellar at if you're interested in auditioning and/or becoming a Mosaic Player.

Show and Audition Info is Below. Please contact Rebecca for audition date and locale.

On the Verge (or the Geography of Yearning) by Eric Overmyer is about three Victorian-era women explorers who set out for Terra Incognita and discover that they're time traveling through the future. The play has 4 actors. All roles can be played by any race and gender.

Cast of Characters:

Mary: Often construed as the main lady explorer of the expedition, Mary Baltimore constantly cites her favorite periodical as a source of wisdom. She remains unmarried, and considers exploration her unequivocal calling. Consequently, she shuns intimate relationships. Mary is the oldest member of the lady explorers' expedition. She is utterly devoted to studying and experiencing the future, both from an objective and subjective perspective. Her exploration "métier" is Africa.

Alex: Alexandra Cafuffle is the youngest of the group. She is typically forgetful, and tends to daydream. Upon encountering a new word (a frequent occurrence in their journey), she plays with it, trying to find rhymes and alternative meanings, to the endless irritation of her comrades. Alexandra is reasonably obsessed with Tibet and cites her adventures there often. She is rather inexperienced with jungles, the terrain that the ladies find themselves in upon reaching Terra Incognita, and curses the landscape to no end. Alexandra wishes to find the most enjoyable era for herself and settle down. Any new discovery enthralls her.

Fanny: Fanny Cranberry is the most conservative of the group in all aspects: socially, politically, and morally. She is the only married member of the group. While Fanny's relationship with her husband Grover is very obviously not one of head-over-heels love, the two have a very intimate relationship nonetheless. Fanny generally disapproves of everything she sees and hears in the future, finding it immoral. Some examples of this are her distaste for the music of the 1950s and the growing trend of women to wear trousers, something that she and Mary disagree with Alex on. Her sensual side is brought out in the second act and she gradually warms up to the future. Fanny counters Mary's Geo references with those of her tabloids, which she writes for and reads religiously. Fanny is the second oldest member of the expedition.

Grover, Etc.: The actor playing Grover (Fanny's husband) also plays Alphonse (a cannibal who absorbs the personality of the person he consumes); The Yeti; The Gorge Troll (cross between Fonzie from Happy Days and a Beat Poet); Mr. Coffee (an Angel of Death); Madame Nhu (psychic of sorts); Gus (American teenager); and Nicky Paradise (seductive owner of his own bar and grill).

We will be cold-reading scenes from the script. Please familiarize yourselves with the play before you audition. Actors must be comfortable improvising and connecting with few props.

We will perform the show in a variety of locations so actors should be comfortable adapting to different environments. It's possible actors will perform for a small crowd at a barbecue or a large crowd at a festival (and everything in between). We will work around the actors' schedules, so please let Rebecca know your availability.

Rehearsals will begin a week after auditions and we hope to have the production be performance-ready sometime in July/early August. A specific rehearsal schedule will go out after we see the availability of the actors cast.

Based on the events scheduled, we hope to be able to pay our actors for their efforts. Before scheduling the event, we will check with all the actors to see if it's something that interests them.

Actors should be vaccinated or in the process of being vaccinated by the time of auditions.

Please let me (Rebecca) know if you have any questions!

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