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Deck the Haunted Halls Day 20: Welcome to Your Elf Life

Day 18 brings us a new holiday tune created by Mosaic Players Members Jamie Lee and Gary Luz. “Welcome to Your Elf Life” is sung by Jamie Lee. Lyrics & Melody are by Jamie Lee with Music by Jamie Lee & Gary.


Welcome to your elf life

Sit down and grab a tool

For just a small sacrifice

You’re now the big man’s fool

Before, you lived to make it here

No free time, no joy

No more will you sleep or see your friends

Now you live to make some toys!

Welcome to your elf life

Drink up and fake good cheer

For just a small sacrifice

You can say goodbye to your year

You’re here now, you’ve got the job

The hard part’s here, just begun

Now you’re just another cog

Take your place and get it done!

Welcome to your elf life

Take it in and look around

For just a small sacrifice

You’ve got the worst-paying gig in town!

Before, you lived to make their year

No reason, no rhyme

No more will you enjoy the holiday

Now you give us the rest of your life!

Welcome to your elf life!

Jamie Lee is an actor, writer, singer, director, radio DJ, and more. A graduate of Northwestern University, she’s performed with Second City, Six Flags Great America, Corn Productions, PM&L Theatre, Donley’s Wild West Town, Kirk Players, and more, and has even produced work for her own company, Jackalope Productions. Jamie hosts “Jammin’ with Jamie” Saturday mornings at 6 am CT on 89.3 WNUR FM, with select episodes on her YouTube channel. You can see Jamie Lee soon playing a major role in the premiere musical, “Now What,” and playing Brooke in Theatre 121’s “Noises Off” at the Woodstock Opera House. Jamie’s currently represented by Dream Team Talent and Chicago Talent Network. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @JackalopeJamie.

Gary L. Luz is an actor, musician, singer, videographer, and photographer. A graduate of Columbia College Chicago's music program, he's performed with PM&L Theatre, Townsquare Players (now Theatre 121), and the Round Lake Area Park District. He is an avid Star Wars Fan. He is happy to be moved back to a mid-shift at his work after 20 months at 2nd shift; he can now do theatre again and go to movies on a regular basis. He's currently working on being a rehearsal musician and one of his upcoming projects with Mosaic Players in 2022 is Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 by Anna Deveare Smith. The show is a documentary theater piece about the LA riots of 1992 that took place after a "not guilty verdict" at the end of a trial of four LA police officers who beat Rodney King and were captured on videotape.

A sad tale’s best for winter ... I have one. Of sprites and goblins.”

Mamillius, Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale

During the month of December, please join the Mosaic Players by the light of our shared virtual screens as we enjoy ghostly tales. Our members will be recording songs, stories, readings, and more. As videos become available, we'll post them here, there, and everywhere. If you have a ghostly tale that you'd like to share, please contact Artistic Director, Rebecca Zellar ( 'Tis the season!

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