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Get to Know Our Board: Shola Jimoh

Hello everyone! My name is Shola, and I currently serve as a Board Member on Mosaic Players. I am a rising senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago majoring in public health (with a focus area in culture and performance) and double minoring in international studies and public policy. I found myself especially drawn to joining Mosaic Players in order to further explore the utility of theatre and performance in both illuminating and responding to prevailing social ills. During the relatively short time I have been involved with this organization thus far, my understanding of what constitutes performance as well as its overall capacity to educate has expanded significantly! I am now approaching a rather tenuous stage of my life, toggling between completing my undergraduate degree and thus applying for graduate schools. During my remaining time at Mosaic Players, it is my hope to continue exploring the endless opportunities that performance presents to unearth the inherent concerns and sensibilities of humanity.

Here are some fun questions to get to know me better!

What skill do you think everyone should have?

I think multilingualism is an especially important skill to develop, one which everyone should

ideally have! Of course, we cannot all be polyglots and/or born into families that are inherently bilingual, but, nonetheless, embarking on a concerted effort to acquire additional language skills recognizes the importance of an internationalist ethos. Hence, I would say it is a super useful skill for connecting us with a larger segment of the global populace.

Which song can you listen to all day long?

As of recently, a song that has become one of my all-time favorites is “True Love” by Wizkid

featuring Tay Iwar and Projexx; it is also produced my one of my favorite producers, Juls! I often find myself marveling at the intricate elements of my favorite songs, becoming especially attracted to a certain portion that I deemed my favorite – in this case, it is Projexx’s verse! However, I love the song in its entirety – from the instrumentation, to the lyrics, to the features – and I could definitely listen to it all day long.

Do you collect anything?

Towards the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I began amassing a record collection. Since it has been only about a year of so since I began collecting these vinyl records, my collection is certainly not very expansive. I currently have less than ten records, but I look forward to purchasing more and continuing to develop this interest further!

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