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Mosaic Players Reading of The Sharing Circle: Stories about First Nations Culture by Theresa Meuse

Members of Mosaic Players will be reading chapters from The Sharing Circle by Theresa Meuse, illustrated by Arthur Stevens via facebook live. Tune in to our facebook page at 10 am on November 16th. For more information, please visit our facebook event page.

The Sharing Circle introduces Matthew, who loves to play games with his friends and share his toys with them. He loves to share the special treasures that remind him of his First Nations culture most of all. Perhaps his favorite treasure is the medicine pouch that his grandfather made especially for him. This is where he keeps many of his other treasures, including the sacred herbs his mother gave him. Matthew uses the herbs to remind him to be grateful for everything that nature gives us. Another special gift is the eagle feather from his father. Matthew knows that the eagle is a symbol of the spiritual strength of his culture. But there is one other gift that has a special place in Matthew's heart. It is the dream catcher that Matthew gave to his friend Dustin to help him not have bad dreams. The Sharing Circle is a collection of seven stories about First Nations culture and spiritual practices: The Eagle Feather, The Dream Catcher, The Sacred Herbs, The Talking Circle, The Medicine Wheel, The Drum, and The Medicine Pouch.

Researched and written by Mi'kmaw children's author Theresa Meuse-Dallien, and beautifully illustrated by Mi'kmaw illustrator Arthur Stevens, this book will engage and inform children of all ages.

The Sharing Circle is available for order through bookstores everywhere.

Nimbus Publishing has granted Mosaic Players permission to do the live reading.

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