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Virtual Advent Calendar Day #20: Natalie Ortega Sings Silent Night

Founding Member Natalie Ortega sings Silent Night in an awesome music video directed by Board Member/Founding Member Melissa Frank for Day #20 of our Virtual Advent Calendar.

Video editing and Sound Mixing by Daniel Melendez of Videos by Dan.

This video will be available until tomorrow at 10 am when a new virtual surprise takes its place. All the Virtual Advent Calendar videos will be available December 25th - December 31st. Make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel, follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check back in with our blog each day so that you don't miss something fun!

Natalie is so thrilled to be a founding member of Mosaic Players. Since age 5, she has performed in over 30 community theatre and professional stage productions. Natalie loves Mosaic Players' mission to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in Lake County theatre and she looks forward to performing and contributing to new or adapted works that tell the stories of often under-represented groups and their struggles for social justice.

She would like to dedicate this performance to her (Abue)Lito, who is currently in the hospital battling Covid-19. "Esperando que recuperes rápido para que salgas pronto del hospital!" Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


The Mosaic Players have launched a GoFundMe Campaign and would love your support! Thank you for your consideration of making a gift towards Mosaic Players. Our fundraiser will be happening over the next few months and your contributions will go towards the creation of our Traveling Wagon Stage, the shows we'll be producing in 2021, and our community outreach.

Mosaic Players is a group of artists committed to the idea that our theatre will focus on human rights, social justice, and anti-racism. We promote dignity, respect, equality, inclusiveness, and understanding. We plan on creating original works, adapting literature, and producing shows that reflect the stories of our communities.

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