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Weather Update Space: Keep Your Eyes on the Skies

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

We will make weather announcements for our upcoming shows here. 9/19/21, 9:00 am: It's supposed to a sunshiny and very warm day, so please bring water, a hat or umbrella for shade, sunglasses, sunscreen, etc for sitting outside the Lake Villa Library. Water will be available, as well. 9/3/21, 11:30 am: As of right now, please make sure you pack your umbrellas for our show on Saturday, September 4th, at 2 pm. The weather forecasts are calling for possible showers. We will not cancel the show(s) for a light drizzle, but, if necessary, we might have to take a slight rain delay where audiences can hang out under the shade provided at Pavilion or in their cars. Our sound equipment is not waterproof, so that will be a major consideration as well because the speakers can't get wet. Thank you!

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